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iMediaCommerce - Providing custom print, web, e-commerce and online auction solutions for retailers. Innovative ideas in retail marketing.
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Your Single Source Solution

Our Mission
iMediaCommerce' mission is to help specialty retailers integrate today's new technology into their marketing mix and store operations in order to lower transactions costs, improve customer relations, and compete on a world-class level.

Our Core Competencies
Our key competencies revolve around our experience in retailing, our experience in marketing, and our experience in Web, database and print solutions. We have the ability to integrate a variety of innovative technologies into economical solutions for specialty retailers. In other words, we can deliver technology-based solutions for individual specialty retailers that previously were only available to national or big-box retailers, but at the affordable costs necessary to specialty retailers.

We can do this because we leverage our economies of scale in specific vertical markets to offer consolidated content, e-commerce, catalogs and web content with costs distributed over the many stores in each vertical. The result is consistent, high-quality services any retailer can afford.

We have a number of products that together form a complete technology-based marketing solution for specialty retailers. Those products fall into six specific areas:


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